DVD 3 Pack (Mayflower II – My Grandpa Detective – Remember)

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All 3 MovieMakers feature films for one great price!

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All 3 MovieMakers feature films for one great price!

Miles and Kate just want to live a normal, happy life. When Miles O’Reilly’s brother shows him the hidden Mayflower II, a spaceship designed to help families escape persecution, he dismisses it as paranoia. …however, the persecution soon becomes personal!

Caught off guard, he “borrows” the new Mayflower to escape to a utopian colony on Mars where he learns he hasn’t left all his troubles behind. 400 years ago the original Mayflower carried persecuted believers to the new world. In this futuristic action packed thriller the Mayflower II will take persecuted believers to another world.

Highlighting the need for faithfulness and courage in the face of opposition this riveting story explores faith in both strength and weakness, and takes viewers on a journey to discover where true peace and courage come from.

Detective Robert Whitmore is in for a surprise when he is assigned a new partner – his grandfather. Due to a clerical error, Grandpa has been forced out of retirement after twenty years to solve an increasingly difficult case of the biggest, baddest, most brazen thief the department has ever seen. Whitmore is forced to deal with his bitterness and his own standing before God.

In the year 2050, we are recovering from a catastrophic economic disaster, and population implosion. We take memory blocking drugs to cope, trade our freedom for security, and have given the state control of all children at birth to ensure that they all become contributing members of society. Captain Carl Onoway’s job is to protect children from adults who attempt to break free from society’s mould and reunite with their children. Following a traumatic incident Carl, receives a series of unusual messages that challenge him to remember his past, question his beliefs about families and lead him to play a double role that not even he himself suspects. What is a man to do when he finds himself on the right side of the laws of man, but on the wrong side of the truth?

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