Mayflower II

400 years ago the original Mayflower carried persecuted believers to the new world.

In this futuristic action packed thriller the Mayflower II will take persecuted believers to another world.

If you desire to be faithful no matter the future, Mayflower II is the movie you and your family need to see.

action-packed, inspiring, relevant


~Anonymous Reviewer~

“Honest, imperfect, ambitious, and probing


~Anonymous Reviewer~

Miles and Kate just want to live a normal, happy life.

When Miles O’Rourke’s brother shows him the hidden Mayflower II, a spaceship designed to help families escape persecution, he dismisses it as paranoia.

…however, the persecution soon becomes personal!

Caught off guard, he “borrows” the new Mayflower to escape to a utopian colony on Mars where he learns he hasn’t left all his troubles behind.

400 years ago the original Mayflower carried persecuted believers to the new world.

In this futuristic action packed thriller the Mayflower II will take persecuted believers to another world.

Highlighting the need for faithfulness and courage in the face of opposition this riveting story explores faith in both strength and weakness, and takes viewers on a journey to discover where true peace and courage come from.

You and your family will:


1️⃣ Be challenged to consider where you stand with God.

2️⃣ Consider what your response should be in the face of looming persecution.

3️⃣ Learn that true courage comes from fearing God, not man.


Mayflower II is an encouraging, inspiring and exciting movie for the whole family to enjoy.

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Lessons & Themes

Courage in the face of persecution

Miles wants to live a peaceful life of faith, but finds his decisions are overcome by fear. His fear, in turn, brings risk and potential ruin to those he loves. Where does real courage actually come from?

In Mayflower II, as Miles faces, and then overcomes increasingly difficult, seemingly insurmountable, moral tests, he learns to lean on God for his courage. He discovers that true courage comes from fear… The fear of God, not man.

Political Agendas

As Miles attempts to comply with politically correct movements that appear well meaning, he quickly discovers that these can be used as tools of oppression.

Mayflower II is set in a not too distant future where many of today’s agendas are been played out to their logical conclusions. Where good and welling meaning causes are used by tyrants to oppress those who would naively support them. This movie takes a hard look at the Christian’s response to these complicated issues.

Personal Peace & Prosperity

Miles just wants to live on his own land and not be bothered by anyone. But the world outside is changing and he refuses to see that he can no longer cling to his safe and happy life without compromise.

Having “successfully” evaded the tension for years, it all finally comes to a head as a deadly blend of anarchy and tyranny force them to make a choice.

Religious Freedom

Brothers Miles and Rich O’Rourke were just living their lives, minding their own business, trying to live a life of faith, when suddenly they woke up to a world where they were being villainized, accused of evil motives and hate.

How did the world turn itself upside down? There was a time when doing the “Christian” thing was the good thing!

As believers are forced to either compromise with the government or go underground, Mayflower II explores two reactions to persecution, and their consequences.

The Gospel

Trapped in a dark dungeon, wallowing in remorse for his foolish and cowardly choices, Miles is reminded that our God is rich in love and slow to anger.

Mayflower II is a story intentionally written and created from a Biblical worldview, with the goal of encouraging believers in their Christian walk.

Throughout the film relatable characters are forced to consider their relationship with God and what bearing it has on their everyday lives. Will God and his word be their guide and hope? Or is God an add-on that can be bent to fit the world they live in?

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Buy Mayflower II today and get lifetime access. Then download or stream whenever you choose!

Bible Study & Discussion Guide

As a Christian family, you hope you will stand faithfully in times of crisis, but, you wonder if when push comes to shove, you’ll have what to takes to endure. Mayflower II tackles this issue, and many more to help you begin to develop the conviction you need.

The Mayflower II Discussion Guide is designed to be practical and actionable for everyday Christians. After the movie, the guide will walk you through a discussion that challenges and encourages you. Topic included are:

  1. Courage in the Face of Persecution
  2. Political Agendas
  3. Personal Peace and Prosperity
  4. Religious Freedom
  5. The Gospel
  6. *Bonus* Our Children

The Mayflower II Discussion Guide is robust enough to be a 6-week small group Bible study, a family discussion facilitator, or a personal devotional.

“The guide is really powerful.”

~Jylisa Lynn~

The “Mayflower II Discussion Guide” is included as a PDF with every DVD and the deluxe digital edition of the film.

Bonus Featurette

Invoking the name “Mayflower”

Does Mayflower II parallel the original journey of the pilgrims on the first Mayflower to the new world in 1620?

Yes and no. In this 30 min “featurette” Stephen Hardy, the lead supporting actor who plays “Rich” in the film, walks through the surprising and unexpected (and sometimes unintended) parallels between the first and second Mayflower.

Stephen also explores hidden lessons in the film, and why he believes Mayflower II, like the original Mayflower, is so special.

“Invoking the name “Mayflower”” is included with every DVD and the deluxe digital edition of the film.

Experience the cinematic adventure!

A Christian Sci-fi for the whole family

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Real Reviews

Imperfect – but worth watching for any family who desires to be faithful no matter the future

Thank-you. Thank-you for your sincere desire to minister to God’s people through the medium of film. Thank-you for seeking to teach (intentionally for good) and not just entertain.

  • One of the things I’m grateful for in this film is that you brought spiritual lessons/truth and most of all Scripture into the work. God’s Word is so powerful and I love that you brought It into the film. A favorite part is when Rich says, “Jesus said that.” Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you for doing this. Please do not listen to anyone who tries to move you away from bringing God’s Word into your films! I love it and hope that you will bring It more and more into your work.
  • Another thing I appreciate is your hero characters!!! Rich’s calm, loving and yet firm stance is so beautiful–it’s something all of us can look up to and aim for. It has a sense of Christlikeness that is wonderful. I like the part when they’re in the cell group with guns trained on them and Rich is not cowering like the rest, but calm, and more like, “Okay what’s next?” and yet protective. Such a neat example to remember if one day we too, are in a similar situation. And then Miles. I appreciate how, while at first he was weak, turns into a hero by the end. Rich kind of holds the hero line to start with and Miles picks it up later. So great to see good heroes being exampled in film. Our world needs this.
  • Another thing I appreciate is the loving relationships you brought into the film. While there was conflict, there was a blanket of love one towards another. In a film where love isn’t there in that way and a conflict just causes more separation (like the sun going down on one’s anger) it can be painful. Although the scene of Miles and Kate in the woods was rather sharp–I feel that the covering of care for each other shown throughout the whole movie helped to soften it. Like love covering a multitude of sins. Thank-you for seeking to example relationships that care and show love. I also appreciate how in both My Grandpa Detective and in this film--you weren’t afraid to have the hero characters apologizing. And I’m thinking it’s kind of rare to see that in films.

This was a huge project. A lot of hard work, prayer, time, energy and effort went into this. Thank-you so much for aiming to use your skills to point us to the Truth.

Please keep investing in that and don’t give up. God’s Word never returns void.”

“I found this full-length film to have a satisfactory ending, as having watched a complete adventure.  And I expect to view Mayflower II again.  It drags a little at first, while it paints the picture of the futuristic world we’re entering. But it’s worth the wait because the pacing picks up and the scenery gives way to action.  This movie is like one big visual effects sequence, which is impressive. The story is an engaging reminder of what Christians have been through in past centuries, and an encouragement for Christians facing a similar future.  A sci-fi informed by real events of history.”

“I liked the movie very much and was intrigued by the concept. My personal belief is that the whole Church is under persecution in various degrees. And soon to be extreme everywhere. Even in the USA and Canada. The time of the Lords coming draws near. I wanted to see a little hope for the coming persecution. Your film fulfilled that desire. Sad that concepts like religious freedom are not popular today. But wide is the gate that leads to destruction. We are I believe on the verge of the Great Tribulation.”

I read a year or two ago that the average movie now costs about $100 million to make. You would be shocked to know what Mayflower II cost. You’d be incredulous. I asked Greg and he told me. No guess I could’ve made would have come close.

But this movie looks great! I don’t know how they did it. I’ve seen major films by major studios whose computer-generated effects look like computer-generated effects, and whose big-name actors accomplish nothing special.

Lee Duigon ~ author of the Bell Mountain novels

True Courage,

Comes From Fear,

Of The Lord

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